At 2023 World Trade Dinner, NFTC Foundation Honored Senators Chris Coons and Todd Young and OECD's Grace Perez-Navarro

The NFTC Foundation organizes and hosts an annual World Trade Dinner, the oldest and most prestigious dinner of its kind. The dinner provides an opportunity to improve the understanding of the impact of global trade on economic growth and job creation and honor the contributions of policymakers and business leaders who have contributed most to the rules-based global economy. During its long history, the World Trade Dinner has been attended by cabinet officers, Members of Congress, heads of state and the head of the United Nations and World Trade Organization.

Strong U.S. leadership in the global economy is essential to shape this evolving landscape, advocate for a level playing field abroad, create more resilient supply chains and unlock new opportunities for American businesses and workers.  This year, NFTC honored Senators Chris Coons and Todd Young for their leadership on U.S. trade policy, and recognized Grace Perez-Navarro for her decades of expertise and diplomacy on international tax policy.